New tire policy is unfair to customers


A couple of days ago I got a flat tire on my pickup on the front driver’s side. I was close to a service station on the strip in Niles, so I went there to have my front tires fixed. After a few minutes at the service area, I changed my mind and thought it would be safer to have a new tire.

So I proceeded to buy two new tires for the front. After waiting a while, I was told my truck was ready. I paid and went outside to check out my new front tires. But I found the service person had put the new tires on the back.

I went in to complain and was told that if you buy only two tires, they are not allowed to put them on the front. The manager said that it was company policy, and that they would be fired if they had put the two tires on the front.

After a standoff, I left.

I would appreciate it if someone from an auto insurance company or AAA or safety law enforcement can write a reply why this is a company policy is not to place new tires on the front. I’ve been driving for over 60 years and never heard this before.

Carl Callow Sr.