Nameless comments show bad attitudes


It continues to amaze me the attitudes of so many of our residents. Or maybe I’m just ignorant.

I am really offended by the anonymous bashing of Jim Graham in his campaign for Warren Council president. As a retired GM autoworker, I witnessed Jim’s work as president of UAW Local 1112 for many years. At one time our union was very radical and self-serving and most likely deserved the reputation it received.

We all grew up, especially when we were faced with the possibility of losing our livelihoods. Jim was a big part of that growing up period and helped to put a positive face on the Lordstown workforce that can now boast as building one of the finest cars in the world. My point of this is to the bloggers, that maybe they should do a little research before your anonymous posts. If they had to put their real name on the post, they might be a little more cautious with their words.

That being said, I don’t understand the public bashing of the current council president, Bob Dean. Because of not only his efforts, but the efforts of many local pastors and other compassionate citizens, a significant amount of money was raised to help those in need when their loved ones died in the tragic auto accident on March 10. We were able to see how compassionate Americans are as we had donations come in from all around the country. And now we get to witness the selfishness of a few people who feel they didn’t get enough. My question to them is will you be first in line to donate when this happens the next time?

One last point: For those council members who believe Bob Dean should step down, he has not been charged with any wrongdoing. So just stop the self-righteous demands.

Ron Schoch