Justice Thomas a good representative


The Supreme Court is set to decide the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act signed into law by President Bill Clinton. The vote of Associate Justice Clarence Thomas upholding the act is an absolute certainty.

Justice Thomas’ steadfast conservative values are more dependable than even those of Antonin Scalia. Justice Thomas makes me proud to call myself an American citizen of Black-African descent.

Mature blacks, those who are 50 and older, are finding that they sleep better at night when they allow Justice Thomas to express the black conservative opinion on marriage, the right to life and the gradual elimination of affirmative action. Thurgood Marshall saved the souls of white America by demanding integration.

Clarence Thomas is showing the black community that they must demand that marriage remain a sacred union between a man and a woman and that all laws that give unfair advantages to one racial group over another should be ended. The liberals will argue that DOMA gives unfair rights to heterosexuals. This can be remedied through the enactment of non-marital civil unions in states that wish to recognize these unions.

Thank God for the unrepentant liberal Thurgood Marshall and thank God for the unapologetic conservative Clarence Thomas.

Reginald Windom