Judicial bias thrives in Mahoning County


All of the following is as it appears in the Mahoning County Court record.

The real corruption by some of the courts must stop. In Youngs-town, we have at least 75 public persons jailed or disbarred in the last 20 years, some prosecutors, judges, etc. Somehow the justice system fails the pro-se litigant.

One case in particular is a complaint against several county commissioners, however, the county dismissed the case, reason, the FBI would not give the county the tapes. Our local paper, the Vindicator, on several occasions printed editorials demanding that the FBI act. Several years have gone by with no action.

Also, Ohio courts systematically devastate pro se litigant cases. They never seem to get to a trial.

The Seventh District Court of Appeals, Mahoning County, has recently ruled, even though it was contrary to the District Court’s own local rules, and the Rules of Civil Procedure, that a motion to dismiss with an unresolved objection to a magistrate’s decision pending is a final order.

Every appellate court in Ohio and most every other state, other that the Seventh District has upheld the civil rule holding that a motion by the court or a litigant tolls the time for an appeal until the court rules on a timely filed objection to a magistrate’s decision.

The Civil Rule in pertinent part: “… the timely filing of objections to the magistrate’ decision shall operate as an automatic stay of execution of the judgment until the court disposes of those objections and vacates, modifies or adheres to the judgment previously entered. Ohio Civ. R. 53(D)(4)(e)(I).”

I could give many more personal instances of judges rewriting the civil and appellate rules of procedure.

The time for the courts to stop the war on pro-se litigants is long past.

As it is now in Mahoning County, there is absolutely no recourse for a judge’s outright bias. An appeal to the Disciplinary Committee of the Ohio Supreme Court is a farce and a scam. When a judge breaks the law, there is no law.

Joseph Grenga