Iraq war was a waste of money


Ten years after G.W. Bush and his henchmen started their unconstitutional war on Iraq that cost over 4,000 American soldiers their lives, things haven’t gotten one bit better. $60 billion paid by American taxpayers to rebuild a country that didn’t want us there in the first place doesn’t make much sense.

I’m waiting for John McCain to come out and say that we should send some troops back over there and allocate another $60 billion to the rebuilding effort. All of the corruption by corporations, like Dick Cheney’s Halliburton, contributed a lot to the taxpayers’ bill.

We can blame the whole Iraqi fiasco on the Supreme Court because they are the ones who handed G.W. the presidency over Al Gore. No George Bush and Dick Cheney, no war.

We can throw away $60 billion to rebuild a foreign county, but if you mention $60 billion to rebuild our infrastructure you’re not going to get any support from this branch of tea drinkers. King George III would have been proud of them.

Bud McKelvey

Hermitage, Pa.