Greed won out in Ohio Lamp deal


As a third-generation employee of General Electric, I find myself unable to comprehend what has happened at our historic Ohio Lamp Plant.

A heroic and amazing effort was made by our union leadership and local management to present a proposal to not only keep the plant open but position it to expand and create new jobs. This proposal was so good that GE saw enough common ground to negotiate a deal to avert the closing of Ohio Lamp.

I am well aware that life is ”not fair” and that bad things happen to good people, but the fact that a handful of people could put their selfish wants and desires above the good of an entire region when they were in no danger whatsoever of losing a single thing they had earned is just stupefying. If you all knew the size of the investment General Electric was about to make here it would inspire pitchforks and torches. This had the very realistic potential to create many new, good-paying jobs with benefits for one of the most depressed areas of the entire country.

This does not just affect those of us who will have to start all over finding a way to make a living. This took the greatest company in the world completely out of the Mahoning Valley and stole the jobs of all the future employees who will live out their lives never knowing how close they came to the middle class American dream.

The people who voted to bring this blessing to the Valley would have worked harder than ever to train the new employees and attract even more expansion to this area. We love General Electric and are so proud to be part of this company. Now these jobs will go somewhere else, somewhere that will appreciate them.

Meanwhile, the City of Warren will have to look for even more places to cut. Firefighters? Police? The first-responders who risk their lives to save others?

The Bible says that greed is the root of all evil. The Mahoning Valley will suffer much pain from the selfish actions of a small handful of people. General Electric has been wonderful to us and our Valley. We all deserve better than this.

Greg Gotti