Graham is best for Warren council


The upcoming Warren council president race has an interesting opportunity to make a statement about the direction Warren residents want to go.

The current president has totally missed the essence of what council leadership is about. His stump speeches talk about giving to the community, coat drives and raising money for disasters. These are admirable qualities, but nothing he does is without a series of phone calls to every news reporter and anchorman in the Valley. He mentions nothing about council working together and accomplishing something.

Running council is like herding cats (no slam intended). I am a former councilman and love my cat. Having an independent and strong-willed group is what we want in council members.

There are so many things that needed addressed in a timely manner like Old Avalon … already four months past making a good decision … the one-stop, already three years past a good decision . . . Sunshine and WRAP funding … already a decade past a good decision … and the parking deck … you know.

Then there are the accusations … calling out council members in public rather than internally solving problems, all over petty items like Christmas gifts, is junior high school behavior. Being council president is more about leadership than me-dership. Dean doesn’t get that.

Jim Graham has done, in hindsight, what might have been the impossible. GM is still producing cars in Lordstown where Delphi, RG Steel, and now GE union and management failed. He herded a large group of strong-willed people to a mutually beneficial end.

Before I took the time to know Jim, I found him easy to pigeonhole. Now that I know him better, I believe he has the qualities to lead, and a history of success that is based on seeing the bigger picture and how to benefit all involved.

The dawn of a new economy is upon Warren, and this entire Valley. There needs to be leadership ready to tackle the opportunity rather than each other. There needs to be quiet workmanship, not public bickering. We need leadership like Jim Graham.

Daniel Crouse