Don’t just support issues that affect you


So Sen. Portman, ”Republican” from our great State of Ohio, comes out for gay marriage. I hope the Tea Party primaries him.

The reason Portman reversed his position on gay marriage was based on personal reasons and I might add political. He saw how well that worked for the president and the Democrats in the last election and he now can use his son as the reason for why he is for gay marriage.

Oh, that old ”profit motive” at work yet again. My question to Mr. Portman is this (and I would love to be able to run against him as an independent but hey, that takes money and anyone who knows me knows what I think about money and politics): ”Mr. Portman if your children were teachers or firefighters or police would you then still vote to kill their funding?” What if they were construction workers who could work on our badly needed roads and bridges?

I do not know of Mr. Portman’s family or what their occupations are but I would suspect that he would support government programs that support those endeavors. That is what I would ask him if I were a reporter.

I would ask him if it takes some personal experience before you can have any empathy for others and their life experiences. Conservatives are big on changing their attitudes the minute it hits ”their” home; just look at Rush Limbaugh and his drug problems.

That is the trouble with a majority of our politicians today. We see it heavily in every tea party candidate that is left in office. They vote against helping others and scream for help for their district.

So I am wondering what it really takes to get our one current Republican senator who is up for re-election soon, to do the right thing and start working ”with” instead of against the majority on getting the President’s agenda passed. The agenda we all voted for overwhelmingly in the last election.

Democracy is under siege by a Republican minority because they managed to get control of enough state legislatures to make democracy not work.

Leif P. Damstoft