Don’t forget about all the problems with hydraulic fracturing


We think we’ve all heard and understand the logic of the saying ”it is what it is.” This will be a good philosophy to use when discussing climate change and the hydraulic fracking for gas and oil that is occurring in our own backyard so to speak.

Fact: 60 percent of wells will leak over a 30-year period. Who will cover the cost of that polluted water table if it becomes tainted?

Fact: Not all the people who are illegally dumping fracking waste into the countryside will be caught or the polluted waste found until it is too late.

Fact: In 2011 in North Dakota, oil companies reported more than 1,000 accidental spills of oil or fracking fluids, and this is just the reported spills.

Fact: Between 2008 and 2011 Pennsylvania reported almost 2,400 violations of law that pose a direct threat to the environment, that we know of.

Fact: Nationwide Mutual Insurance, which sells agricultural insurance, announced it will not cover damages related to fracking.

Fact: Rabobank, the world’s largest agricultural bank, reportedly will no longer sell mortgages to farmers with gas leases.

Fact: Natural gas produced from fracking is less of a threat to climate change than coal or oil. Unfortunately it’s just a slower poison but with the same results.

Fact: Soil and ice core samples from the Artic and the State of Montana have given us tangible proof man is the biggest culprit for our climate change. Thorough examination of the soil and ice core samples found that the rise in the average temperature across the planet was the fastest in the last 100 years than at any other time in our geological history. Think rise of the industrial revolution.

Fact: Two of the five Great Lakes are at record lows, the other three are at severely low water levels.

Fact: For the first time in known history the Mississippi River is at its lowest water level.

I had a discussion with a friend who used to work in the gas and oil fields and he told me for the most part the movie ”Gasland” is true. It doesn’t matter who financed the movie, if it’s true it’s true.

With the severe drought in large sections of the country, intensified storms everywhere, and inconsistent snowfall which also leads to droughts, when are we going to be serious about weaning ourselves off of fossil fuels, becoming more energy efficient, becoming more demanding of recycling of used materials, pushing harder for green energy even if it means higher utility costs.

Years ago a Sunday morning talk show host on a local station named Ron Daniels made a statement that has stuck with me all these years and I think pertains to our dilemma of climate change. He said ”we have a color problem in this country and on this planet and it isn’t a black and white problem, it is a green problem,” meaning money.

James CK Fell