Attack on tea party had no factual basis


This is in response to the rambling, incoherent letter in last week’s Tribune Chronicle by Leif Damstoft. His attack on the Tea Party, all Republicans and specifically Sen. Rob Portman, has no basis whatsoever. He spews comments and rhetoric with no facts to back up his claims.

He pleads with Portman to get on board with President Obama’s agenda. The reason Portman resists Obama’s agenda is because he sees it as a miserable failure so far and a way to certainly bankrupt America. Name me ONE spending cut that Obama has put in writing Mr. Damstoft. Just one. How can you work toward reducing this choking debt and deficit with no responsible cutbacks?

Obama is not serious about correcting spending on any social programs. His only goal was to get reelected, and he said and did any and everything to make that happen. Well played, Barack.

Let me ask you this Mr. Damstoft: What did the paltry stimulus money the Mahoning Valley received from your liberal Democrats do to improve this community four years ago? Very little. Tim Ryan sure didn’t fight very hard for much of that money, yet he takes credit for V & M Star. V & M was going to move forward with or without Ryan’s endorsement.

I did see where WRTA got a new employee lounge complete with flat screen TVs with stimulus money. Name another project, please. Wasn’t all that money supposed to go to shovel-ready jobs and infrastructure: Bridges and roads. Have you driven on these roads lately?

The liberal Democrats can take credit for endorsing and promoting the Occupy Wall Street movement. They banded together to fight an evil common enemy – capitalism. Along the way they vandalized public property and urinated in the streets. I don’t recall seeing or hearing about one tea party member, Republican or any conservative involved in that mess.

Here are the top 10 poorest American cities. All of them have a poverty rate of over 22 percent. All of them have a Democrat as mayor. The year listed behind each city is the year that a Democrat took office and still remains in office in all 10 cities: Newark 1970, Philadelphia 1952, Milwaukee 1960, El Paso 2001, St. Louis 1953, Miami 2001, Cleveland 1990, Cincinnati 1984, Buffalo 1966 and Detroit the poorest, 1962. Not a good track record for Dems Mr. Damstoft.

Liberals are already gearing up for Hillary Clinton to head the Democratic Party and run as its presidential candidate in 2016. Hillary couldn’t even keep Bill on a leash in her own house. And she doesn’t know what happened in Benghazi last Sept. 11.

Obama was packing that night to go on vacation the next day, which he did. Certainly not the best of leadership.

Tell me here what is not true. Yet the Libs and lame street media give them all a pass and a ringing endorsement. And most certainly will promote her campaign.

Rod Zeck

Newton Falls