Trustee denied right to vote on board


On Wednesday, March 13, 2013, the Trumbull County District Advisory Committee met to elect a new member to our board of health. My Liberty Township trustee was denied the right to cast our township vote after being cited for not having the ”proper paper” to vote.

It is my understanding that the ruling 2012-CV-02625 by Judge Andrew Logan on March 12, 2013, prohibited a secret ballot vote for the March 13 election. My elected trustee should not have had to produce any proxy paper to vote. He left the meeting after being told this. As a result, Liberty was not represented in the council vote.

I am also concerned that another Liberty trustee was called several times by Trumbull County employees to vote for a certain candidate. I view those calls as unethical (if campaigning on work time) and inappropriate.

For 14 years Trumbull County has held ”secret” ballot voting. Transparency is the key to successful government operations. Also key to successful governing is the ability for the public to ask questions of our elected officials. Public participation has been eliminated at the board of health meetings. Our voice has been taken away.

Government should be, ”By the people, for the people.” The bully tactics of the board of health need to be stopped.

Joann Maurer