Trumbull Transit a vital senior service


Thank you to the clients that used Trumbull County Elderly Affairs for your transportation needs, it was truly an honor to serve each and every one of our seniors. This was more than a job, it was a great way to help you and hopefully we drivers made a positive difference in your day.

I have a few questions on how the transportation service for our Trumbull County seniors was chosen. If the Trumbull County transportation board members would have left their cozy board room and actually went out and done their homework – by sitting unannounced at the dialysis centers; by observing how the seniors are really treated sitting in these centers and doctors offices for most times up to an hour or longer on a daily bases; by accompanying the seniors on their ride home after treatment. If you would have sat in these centers and other places, you would have found out from the seniors that they have to wait outside in the elements of the weather for long periods of time to be picked up.

Because the riders cannot be late, the bus waits only five minutes at the curb and leaves if they aren’t out there. Than the riders have to pay a fee so they can use this service again.

Trumbull Transit should have to pay the riders a fee when they make the riders wait or as happens a lot they forget to pick up the riders leaving them stranded. Is this how you would want your mother or father to be treated? I think not.

Trumbull County voters twice voted against the levy to fund this private company – once in May of 2010 and again in November 2011 – over helmly rejected by over 20,000 votes. But the Trumbull Transportation Board felt they knew better than the Trumbull County voters apparently so it didn’t matter what the voters said they still awarded Terry Thomas’ Trumbull Transit with the funds to run the Trumbull County transportation system.

The Tribune editors should have went out with the board members or on their own to observed what actually goes on in the real world. They would not have been so quick to endorsed this decision.

It’s easy to make decisions when you have all the ”What you want to hear” in front of you on paper. But having worked in this field for the past two years observing what myself and many other people have seen I know you did not make the right choice for the Trumbull County seniors. Hopefully you will never need the Trumbull Transit service.

Our seniors at one point in their lives were leaders and hard workers in our communities and through no fault of their own need these services and have earned the right to be treated with the utmost respect. That’s what they received riding with the best senior transportation system -Trumbull County Elderly Affairs.

James E. Devlin Jr.