Sponsoring cyclist bad budget decision


I am a retired person who has to live on a strict budget. I would like to know how our government prioritizes the massive federal budget cuts.

Traffic control towers for airports are being closed, or funding reduced, thus reducing staff, which could cause potential air crashes.

Funds are being cut for Head Start and education. Medicare reimbursement is being cut, causing hospitals to now reduce staff, putting patient care in jeopardy. Some doctors will no longer accept Medicare patients, putting seniors at risk, and more people are using emergency room services – some already over-crowded.

All these cuts – and I do understand what a strict budget means – but how did our federal government permit the department of the post office to give $30 million to sponsor the biker Lance Armstrong? Who decided to give our tax money to this man? Why did we do this, and now we are told that the post office is in trouble; so prices of stamps have gone up, shipping has gone up; Saturday mail may not be delivered; and some post offices may be closed.

Sorry, I have reached a point where I don’t trust our government to watch over the people’s best interests. We’re told we have to partake in a new health program, but our government officials will not be receiving the same insurance and medical benefits we do. They give $30 million to some guy to look good but cut education for our kids.

In all my years, a budget meant that you paid your bills first and took care of your family. If there was some left over, then you could play with the money. Our government has been playing with our money – one hand washing another – now we again have to make up the difference. We need politicians who won’t be manipulated – or maybe housewives who can work a budget.

Hey, guys, maybe you need to give up the haircuts, limos, spas and other perks and live like the rest of us.

Selma Dunlap