Second Amendment written long ago


”A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

You will notice that this amendment says NOTHING about arming people to overthrow or protect them from the government. In fact it says just the opposite. It states that an army, or in those days an army made up from ”militia,” is necessary for the security of a free state.

The Second Amendment is about protecting the country ”back then” when we had no military infrastructure. It had nothing to do with people worried about the United States government coming after them and the people would need the arms to fight back. It is the exact opposite! It was for the protection of the new government.

That is a fact within the amendment itself. It is an old amendment made without the knowledge of what the present or the country’s future would bring. This amendment has been perverted into protecting not individuals but criminals.

The NRA is a major problem because they have a profit motive. They are not about rifles – they are about every kind of hand weapon imaginable. To sort of quote Ronald Reagan when he was wrong about the government, the NRA is not the solution to the gun problem, the NRA IS the problem.

I’ll give Reagan his due; he specified that in the economic problems of his times, he believed that government was the problem. That was an opinion of his. He was wrong.

The fact is there needs to be a balance between all things, public and private. We need our privacy, and we need our public unity and support for a truly prosperous society. That is why all gun owners must get out of the propaganda that the NRA has been feeding you about the government.

Wake up to the truth. We need guns for hunting, and hunting is good for wild animal population control. It is a sport, and we unfortunately need guns for personal protection in our homes. Until people grow up enough and learn to live and share the wealth being created in this country properly we will have problems.

It is also ironic the very people who fear the government coming after them in black ops helicopters and drones in the skies also want to spend profusely on defense. The very assets they fear, they support.

Leif P. Damstoft