Owners required to clear snow


What is wrong with the photo of the Best Western of downtown Warren in the Sunday, March 9, 2013, edition? Snow on the sidewalk.

According to city laws, it is the responsibility of the property managers and owners to keep walkways and sidewalks clear and free of dirt. Snow deters the public and customers while shopping in the city.

The half-inch of snow made it appear that the Best Western does not care how the outside front of the hotel looks. The city passed that ruling years ago. The same goes for renters and homeowners; it is the homeowners and / or renters responsibility to keep the walks clear.

Where a home and or business is empty, then it falls back to the city street department. These empty homes and buildings are eyesores to the public. But add inches upon inches of plowed snow off the roadway upon the sidewalk and then it sits and sits for weeks, making people walk in the streets; it becomes dangerous for everyone.

The city needs to be sure that the city streets are clear, then bill the property owners.

Earl Casterline