Original TV was better


Today’s household pays a good amount of money for satellite or cable programming. Modern large-screen TVs with crystal clear imaging have theatre quality surround-sound. I’m sure it sounds great to you and maybe the young people think it’s the ultimate in entertainment, but TV at the beginning was much better.

From the ’20s to the late ’40s, people in America listened to radio in their home entertainment, which was very good. Then along came TV in 1948 – a big box with a tiny screen with a slightly fuzzy black-and-white picture, never before seen and all original.

Produced live, its goal was to capture the hearts of the people, experimenting with what they might want. The bottom line wasn’t profit; it was entertainment.

Sports programming wouldn’t air until the late ’50s, which was baseball on Sunday. The all-American family with its good values in life was certainly projected on TV at that time. Honesty, truth, manners and kindness were the normalcy that was presented to all.

Nudity, bad language, downgrading other people and lying were not part of our culture at that time. Do you remember Bishop Sheen’s weekly programs and his invisible angel at the blackboard? What a pleasure it was to listen to him explaining Christian values in life.

If people wonder why today’s society is what it is, just look at what we have lost in TV programming; unbelievably, it was free.

— Paul Lawson, McDonald