Obama’s birth certificate matters


I’m going to set the record straight: Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton hammered Mr. Obama. They asked about his birth certificate and citizenship long before he became the president, and I have been writing and asking about his birth certificate, just like Donald Trump. I hope that his birth certificate that was finally presented is iron clad. At least we’ll know that we don’t have a fraudulent citizen in the Oval Office.

I have been part of this equation of making a president produce this important piece of paper. Every American has an absolute right to see, to read and to know that our Constitution has not been breached. I still am not anxious and jumping with joy yet, because that piece of paper has not been thoroughly investigated.

Now begins the question that I will give you the answer to. For almost two years we have heard from congressmen and senators – and some of them want to sit in the Oval Office – and all the people on television, the news people such as Bill O’Reilly, Shaun Hannity, Greta VanSuchen and numerous others from Fox News, run their mouths when asked about that birth certificate. This is their answer: ”Oh, I’ve always believed that he was born in America,” or they will make the statement: ”it doesn’t matter.”

If you are foolish enough that you can’t see the Socialist party and the Communist side in this man, then you need to get a head shrinker. At the present time, he has put this country into such debt that the little children born today will be paying for this the rest of their natural lives. This is the biggest crime ever committed.

Stan Miller