NRA, politicians benefit one another


I am writing in response to Jack Hickey’s letter regarding gun violence. In 1996 the National Rifle Association (NRA) pushed through Congress a law banning the use of any government money to promote or advance gun control and which was thought to also include research on gun violence. The NRA as usual used the threat of political retaliation to achieve the passage of this law.

So Jack, there is your answer. Until people start standing up to the NRA we may never know what the answer is to gun violence. Who knows, maybe the Center for Disease Control or a government sponsored study at a respected university might have found a legitimate course to take to cure our problem of gun violence years ago.

This idea that our 2nd Amendment rights are being violated or limited needs to be put in perspective. Not being allowed to own or carry around machine guns or grenades or shoulder fire missile launchers – is that not an infringement on our 2nd Amendment rights? Of course not, because with rights for citizens comes the responsibility to not abuse those rights.

No one is denying law-abiding citizens the right to defend themselves. Let’s just keep those rights in perspective. Personally in my mind, high-capacity gun clips and assault weapons are abuse of the 2nd Amendment.

To stop gun violence we need to put more guns into more citizens’ hands. Does that make any sense? The only people who will profit from this philosophy are the gun makers, the NRA and the politicians that are indebted to the former two.

Oh, wait, maybe that was the intention all along.

James CK Fell