Marvel storyline makes sense now


A few years ago, Marvel Comics ran a storyline called ”Civil War.” In the story, a group of young superheroes got into a fight with some really bad guys, and as a result, a grade school got blown up, tragically killing some 600 children.

At this point, Iron Man gets the great idea that all superheroes should be registered and work for the government, so as to avoid that sort of tragedy going forward. Of course, Captain America and his group spent six months fighting Iron Man and his group over this ideological split.

Both sides had a point, but think of which side you would be on if there were actually for-real people with amazing and powerful superhuman abilities running unfettered on the streets, getting into scraps with bad guys and generally making life incredibly dangerous for the populace.

Mandatory registration and training of those people seems like a pretty good idea.

This is the situation we now find ourselves in as a country. There ARE actually for-real people with the amazing and powerful ability to kill another person instantly simply by pointing a tube of metal at them. You may even be one of these people. And yes, there are heroes, and there are villains, just like in the comics. And sometimes the heroes save everybody, and sometimes they don’t, and a grade school gets blown up.

Anyway, the story ended with Captain America, the living embodiment of the country himself, surrendering. He realized that the collateral damage being caused by fighting over the freedom of these superhumans was far too steep a price to pay for that freedom. Everyday people were getting hurt and killed because these two sides kept fighting over the illusion of freedom without taking in the pain and suffering that they were causing by not doing anything about it. They were so busy fighting each other that the villains were winning.

The school in the comics was in Stanford, Conn., about 90 miles down I-684 from Newton. And even now the country is embroiled in the same ideological split that sold a lot of comics for Marvel with Iron Man representing the future, and sanity, and the safety of our children, and Captain America representing old values, mom, apple pie, the way things stay the same.

Can we please, as the good guys, just skip to the last issue of this story and agree that the collateral damage is too great to continue to allow people with the ability to kill someone else with their magic sticks the freedom and autonomy to do as they like, and to fight the bad guys on their terms, without oversight? If the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, who stops the good guys when things go bad?

Mike Rooster