Justice hasn’t been served in Fife case


I was just reading an in memory for Raymond Fife for his 40th birthday.

It’s sad that it has been 28 years since he was murdered and the trash that did it is still breathing. When will Mrs. Fife get her closure? Will she ever?

We the taxpayers have fed and housed this animal (Danny Lee Hill) for far too long. He has had a nice long life in prison. What about Raymond’s very short life taken by this so-called person? Where is the justice?

I for one do not want my tax dollars used to feed or house that animal. Of course we aren’t allowed to choose this option. It disgusts me that he has been kept alive all this time with appeal after appeal saving him. The time has come 28 years later to put an end to this animal.

What else can he appeal on? He has used about every reason known to man to save his pathetic life, and the funny thing is, it’s working … when will the court system finally have enough of this and put an end to the nightmare he has created for the Fife family?

Carol Presjak