Hush-hush at health board meeting


The Trumbull County Board of Health does not have public participation at their monthly meetings. Why?

Curious as to the policy in other counties I made 10 calls. Nine other counties have open-door policies and encourage participation. Athens Health Commissioner told me, ”We are here to serve the public.” Brown and Carroll counties request a form be filled out ahead of time so they can allow time for concerns. Ashtabula County has not returned my call.

Back-room, closed-door politics have long dominated this Valley. It has to stop. What are you hiding? Why have we been silenced? Do you not like hard questions?

It is clear our commissioners like the quiet. During the recent Board of Health election, Commissioner Paul Heltzel offered no help in turning on the microphones so the standing-room-only packed room could hear.

Please be aware the Board of Health has instituted a sign policy if you attend their meeting. It can be no larger than 12 by 18 inches. If it is larger (poster board size) the county sheriff will come and talk to you.

Bully tactics.

Sometimes, the silence can be as loud as thunder.

Joann Maurer