Health board should give up


Something stinks at the Trumbull County Health Department, and it’s not just the septic system issue. The vendetta against septic installer Berry Meadows by the Board of Health led by county Health Commissioner Dr. James Enyeart is beginning to smell a lot like a bad septic system to me.

First, criminal charges were brought against Mr. Meadows for civil disputes. When those charges were dismissed, the board of health decided to revoke his installer’s license for violations that allegedly occurred before his 2012 license was granted.

They held a hearing in September and November regarding this matter with a hearing officer chosen by the board. Before Mr. Meadows was even given an opportunity to present his side of the case the hearing was shut down by the board.

On Feb. 22, that hearing officer, Ronald Alexander, issued his report. Mr. Alexander, the board’s own choice to hear this matter, found that Meadows did not commit any violations and further stated that the Board of Health violated his due process by not allowing him to present evidence or testify at his own hearing.

In spite of that, Commissioner Enyeart, in newspaper articles, seems to indicate that he stands by those charges. The Board of Health is not bound by the hearing officer’s finding and is free to make its own decision. Enyeart has stated that this decision will be made at the March 20 meeting.

The Board of Health needs to drop this costly vendetta against Mr. Meadows. It has already cost the taxpayers an estimated $75,000.

Additionally, since they have violated Mr. Meadows’ right to due process in that hearing, they’ve opened themselves up to more damages in the federal lawsuit that Mr. Meadows has filed against them. They need to quit now before they cost more of our taxpayer money.

— Debbie Roth, Leavittsburg