Excuse seniors from sewer tie-ins


Hopefully this letter will help the elderly who are being forced to tie into sewer lines, and I realize there are laws but these laws have been changed over the years.

I believe the word used was the laws have evolved over the years. When I worked at a bank in Howland in the mid ’80s, I waited on quite a few people over the age of 62 coming into the bank and closing their entire savings accounts; some had $12,000 and some had $15,000, but that was the money they had saved all their lives from working.

Their houses were paid for and the money was going to be used to get by to supplement their Social Security. Now that would be gone.

They cried; I felt hopeless and there was nothing I could do. Some of these people had paid their homes off and were going to be debt free to live out their golden years, but that changed by the laws put forth by those who have money. It just seems that people with money always come up with ways to take money from those who have very little money – sound familiar?

The people in this age group have worked for 30 or 40 years, not just starting out in life. Their mortgage is finally almost paid off ,and you want these people to get a loan for the next 20 years? If you can find a place that will loan you this money at a low interest rate.

So the solution, anyone over the age of 60, no tie-in. Seems simple to me. Put that into your laws that have evolved.

Ruth Lilley