Democrat lawmakers oppose Senate Bill 47


For a century Ohioans have had the right to amend the state constitution and pass or veto new laws. That’s how voters approved casino gambling and protected collective bargaining rights by defeating Senate Bill 5. Now, this fundamental constitutional right is under attack.

New legislation in the Ohio General Assembly, called Senate Bill 47, would make it harder for Ohioans to put a referendum or initiative on the ballot by limiting the number of days signatures can be gathered. Groups from both ends of the political spectrum-progressives and conservatives-oppose this effort to silence the voice of the people.

This legislation is quite simply a sore loser law. It would change the rules of the game to benefit the same people who brought us Senate Bill 5. That’s why we both voted against it in the Ohio Senate.

The Ohio Constitution protects the right of the people to rein in the actions of the General Assembly and specifically prohibits any legislative limitation or restriction of the exercise of that right. SB 47 would undermine this principle of citizen led democracy. We urge all Ohioans to oppose this legislation.

State Senator Capri S. Cafaro


State Senator Joe Schiavoni