Christy House deserves support


I am writing this letter to ask for readers and citizens to consider contributing to the Amos Christy House in Warren. Neither the Urban League nor any employees know I am writing this.

There have been significant cuts made to funds that support the Christy House. It is a short-term, 30-day program that allows people that are homeless to look for work, get counseling, take care of needed business, and then it provides these people a roof over their heads, meals and access to community agencies such as Valley Counseling and Catholic Charities.

Due to these cuts, there is great need for food donations, clothing and hygiene products. I am sure that monetary donations would be accepted as well – earmark them for the Christy House. You could take a monetary donation to the Urban League office in downtown Warren.

It is a much-needed facility and benefits a lot of individuals and families as long as a person uses his or her time productively. There are exceptions to this rule, and these folks don’t last long there.

There are many factors that get folks there, and the support of the community benefits those who take advantage of the help that is available.

So when considering making your next donation, please consider a donation to the Amos Christy House. I have needed their services in the past and am grateful they were there. Thank you for reading.

Kevin Smith