Cell phone used to steal check


I want to make a comment about cell phones. I have one, but a very plain one, and I just use it as a phone.

My husband had a check stolen a few weeks ago. We don’t know if it was from our mailbox, if it was delivered to the wrong address and opened up or whatever.

A business place sent my husband a refund, which was supposed to be sent to our house. After a couple of weeks went by, I asked him if the check ever came, to which he said no. He went to the place of business and told the manager he never received it. The manager checked and told my husband that the check was sent out and already had been cashed. He gave my husband a copy of the check.

The person who stole the check took a picture of it with his or her cell phone and sent it to his or her account. They still had to sign the back of it before they sent it. They, of course, signed it like a 3-year-old, so nobody could make out the signature.

Whoever took this check, I don’t know how they could sleep at night knowing they stole something that did not belong to them. They should get something stolen from them and see how it feels.

Businesses that make these cell phones should ban this one luxury. Heaven only knows how many people had this happen before, and I’m sure many more will have their checks stolen this way.

Joann Arriola

Mineral Ridge