We can’t just keep adding more debt


Why cut back on anything? I think everyone should forget there is such a thing as a credit ceiling, or a spending ceiling for that matter. Why shouldn’t any of us go and get whatever we want and as in the song, “let the devil take tomorrow?”

We deserve to have anything and everything we want whether we can pay for it or not. We struggled through marriage, child rearing and we watched every penny spent. It is time, since we don’t have that much longer on this planet, to go and get everything we want. When we leave the planet, let the descendents pay up, if they can afford it and if not, let their descendents carry that burden on to the next generation. We deserve the best whether we can afford it or not. Look out Hollywood, here I come.

Why don’t we, as a nation and they as the government, look toward everyone’s future and do some compromising. There is nothing wrong in each side giving some, and when it is over, both sides can claim victory, if that is their goal. Both parties know how to spin until it looks like they are in the winner’s circle.

With the idea that the winner takes all will not suffice for the economy, as it is and will be in the future. Taxes are not the only answer, of course. Jobs are not the only answer unless we create work by the private sector to pay for the jobs in the public sector. This is Economics 101 and it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure that out. When will our congressmen, from both houses, learn that we who elected them want tranquillity, as spoken in the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Our country is a family of millions of people and what family does not relish peace and comfort in their home? When solitude is in peril, what side should you take? We really should believe that taking sides has gone on for four years and where did that get us? “Another day older and deeper in debt,” and if St. Peter does take us, we leave this debt to the coming generations. Our company store is at the greatest arrears to the Chinese, to whom we owe the greater amount of our debt.

Should not we fear the same communist country of China overrunning our country, the United States of America? They certainly are working at it.

Patrick M. Liste