There are more important issues


I was dozing off the other night while watching the news and came awake at the mention of ”Warren City Council.” My eyes opened to see Councilman Al Novak bragging about solving the mystery of the late Christmas gift to the Council Clerk.

The channel’s website shed more light on the story. Looks like Councilman Novak and the Council President Bob Dean are hot on the trail of late gifts and charity contributions.

I realize this is an election year for these council members, but is this what passes for a hot button, “gotcha” moment in Warren, Ohio? A present for the Council Clerk that is received two weeks late?

With all of Warren’s problems, the chair of the finance committee and the council president think the people of Warren care who is collecting money for Christmas gifts? Maybe Councilman Novak should be hot on the case of the declining general fund and maybe Mr. Dean should be concerned with council members calling the media every time they have petty disputes with each other.Oh, that seemingly would be Mr. Dean calling the media when he has petty disputes with his colleagues.

Another disgraceful moment for local politics. I sure hope voters remember who the children are this year.

Hazel Butcher