Tax change should have been voted on


Every Fourth of July, our small town of Newton Falls becomes the place to be for tens of thousands of area residents seeking the largest parade and best fireworks around the region to celebrate the birth of democracy in America.

How different things were in Newton Falls on Feb. 21 last year, a day before Washington’s birthday commemoration. For it was on that dark date that City Council took it upon itself to unilaterally raise the city income tax for the overwhelming majority of residents by abolishing Section 5 of the City Tax Code, the one that gave “credit for tax paid to another municipality.”

They also, in effect, abolished Section 2 of the City Charter, which prohibits tax increases “without a vote of the people.”

We The People were never given a chance to vote on this imposed tax increase, an act of government abuse that belongs more to the tyrannical legacy of King George rather than the democratic one of President George.

Democracy dodgers, wherever they hatch their schemes, should be removed from office. And this unlawful tax increase should be put before We The People for a vote. Or do some folks in public office fear democracy?

Werner Lange

Newton Falls