Septic system issue not fair to woman


I have a good friend I’ve known since the 7th Grade whose grandma is being faced with a $16,000 bill all because of a law that was passed in the state of Ohio. She now faces this bill due to, in my own personal opinion, lack of communication.

She will have to pay this bill because her neighbor’s son installed a private septic tank. Now, I’m all for having private septic tanks, but not at the expense of your neighbors. I’m not saying that it is her neighbor’s fault either, I just feel that this whole situation could have been avoided had someone actually made this law known to the people of the City of Warren and of Ohio, period. I didn’t even know that this law existed until I saw it on TV the other night. Do I feel that this lady is being treated unfairly? Yes, because communication was lacking. This lady even went to a local bank, applied for a small loan so she can pay this bill, and was turned down because she didn’t meet the income requirements.

She is 73, will eventually be taken to court over this, and can’t even afford to pay it and is facing a misdemeanor. How would you feel if it were your grandparents? How would you feel if they had to pay a $16,000 bill and not know where to get the money? To me, that is very morally wrong. The state really needs to review this law, because if you can’t consider the fact that most elderly people live on a fixed income and don’t know how to pay expensive bills like this, then someone has some morals that need to be reevaluated.

It’s sad that someone gets treated like this and has worked all their lives and now get repaid like this. I am literally speechless, and I am very disappointed.

Brynden Morrow