Room to improve in Champion schools


A Tribune Chronicle article of Jan. 29, 2013, headlined ”Champion schools are seeking a 5.95 mill tax levy from Champion Twp. residents.”

The article detailed a number of cost saving measures administrators have already taken. They are to be congratulated for their diligence. But we ask, why does penny pinching and finding every possible way to save money happen only when the district reaches ”financial crisis mode?”

It seems to these Champion residents the administration’s actions speak loudly. What we see is if the schools have the money, they spend it. And, when the money runs out, the taxpayers will have to give more.

The Tribune article also detailed plans for college level courses to be taught at the high school. Quote: ”Heard from high school principal Mary Walker about plans to offer high school courses in biology, French IV, speech and astronomy for college credit, in addition to the calculus class that is offered this year. She said this will help families save money for college by taking several courses in high school at no cost while earning three to four credit hours per course.”

The principal’s decision on this matter raises a number of disturbing questions.

According to Superintendent Pamela Hood, school libraries are closed, class sizes have increased and access to computer and technology classes has been curtailed.

If the district has already curtailed services to the entire school population, why offer elective classes that serve only an extremely small portion of the school population? As for no costs, are the teachers donating their services for the college classes? Are the course materials being donated or somehow obtained at no cost? What about the cost of the building and utilities? And to top it all off, another course, European history, is being planned.

We believe, for the most part, the school board, administrators and teachers have done a fair job managing their respective responsibilities. But there is always room for improvement.

The action(s) of currently teaching, and proposing more college level classes ”at no cost,” while the school system is in dire financial straits is an example of actions and attitudes that must be re-examined if the voters of Champion Township are expected to pass a new tax levy.

Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis