Our leaders should support Constitution


I understand Vice President Biden’s quote recently, “take thousands of people out of harm’s way” is a great idea, but historically, gun control has never worked. It actually reduces the safety of American citizens.

Obviously for Biden and the Obama administration, the aim is political gain, as stated in the speech. The NRA is aiming to spread the nation’s knowledge and safety concerning firearms. The administration’s partnership with the Brady campaign with an executive order does not grant American citizens security. What it does is shrivels a little freedom off the Constitution and introduces more killing zones for criminals to enter.

It is great that the administration wants to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Agreed, those who break the law, do not respect America, and shall not be granted the freedoms they once had. The problem however is that the law is attempting to take the equalizer out of the law-abiding citizens possession. I thought our government swore to abide, protect and defend the Constitution?

The Brady campaign supporters need to learn that ”assault weapons” are not the issue. First of all, the correct terminology needs to expand no further than ”semi-automatic rifles.” The design of a firearm does not make it a killer; the issue is the operator. The gun ban is now rallying against pistol grips and magazine capacity.

Realistically, is it false that all pistols have a pistol grip? Whether it is attached to a pistol, rifle, shotgun etc., the use of a pistol grip is needed for safety measures to secure control of the firearm. It is a term. No worse than those on the PGA tour using “clubs.” Is that not a vulgar term? Or how about “stealing” second base – is that not against our morals, let alone the law?

Magazine capacity restriction is also a poor argument. A murderer will only shoot as fast and accurate as his or her skill level. Even with less-capacity magazines, this will only in turn result in criminals practicing faster reloads.

I also saw Thomas Smith’s recent response to the ”Shovel Assault” in Girard. My response to that is simple. The NRA does not state having a gun eliminates crime. What it does is provide a quick line of defense and deter most criminals from taking a chance. Additionally, just because an American is a gun owner does not mean they are a member of the NRA. The NRA does, however, offer courses for those defensive situations – personal protection inside the home; personal protection outside the home; women’s firearm training course. What we should all be expressing is the appreciation of the NRA’s stand on preserving the second amendment, promoting safety and defense for all law- abiding citizens, and offering aid in these times of crisis against coward murderers.

It is really appalling that the NRA cares more about the American people than the current administration.

Joshua Fabijance