Operate golf course like a business


I for one am mortified about the hint of closing Old Avalon Golf Course. I believe that this is a valuable asset to the entire area surrounding Warren. I challenge the City of Warren and its leaders to this possible solution.

Why not create a position through the city that would, in a business sense, manage the golf course. The qualifications of such a position would require a degree in golf course management and a background in course maintenance. This created position would be directly responsible for the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the golf course. They would also work hand-in-hand with the city leaders on the choices of course improvements.

I would also retain the services of some of the employees from the past operating year. For example, the head grounds position, clubhouse manager and their respective assistants.

In other words, run it like a business. This way they would have no one to blame except themselves if it failed. Don’t let it fail. Please don’t slice this great asset out of bounds and penalize those who enjoy playing golf at Old Avalon. Time is running out. The city should act swiftly, golf starts soon. I am looking forward to golfing there soon; I hope we all can, too.

Craig Toro