No justice in Danny Lee Hill case


Several weeks ago, there was an editorial in the Tribune about the Danny Lee Hill case. In case you haven’t lived in the area long, Danny Lee Hill, at approximately 18 years old, brutally and savagely beat and tortured a young lad named Raymond Fife, until he killed him, out in a field where his victims cries for help would not be heard.

Why would anyone choose to do something so cruel and horrid! The key word there is ”choose.”

Danny Lee Hill ”chose” to murder this young lad and there is no other way to look at it. You can call him mentally ill or a card short of a full deck or whatever label you want to put on him. He is a murderer!

He seems to be smart enough to use every appeal allotted to him. He’s smart enough to take care of his business from a cell. He’s smart enough to do all that he has to do to keep up with what is required of him in jail. Surely he’s smart enough to know that murder is a serious crime.

Five-year-old kids know that much. They know that if they hit someone and that someone yells out in pain and asks them to stop, that five year old is, no doubt, going to stop beating on them. Do you mean to tell me that an 18-year-old man isn’t that smart?

In today’s Tribune, there was a picture of that little 12-year-old Fife boy, who now would be celebrating his 40th birthday; who would probably be married by now and perhaps have made his mother a grandma a couple of times. He would be a taxpayer, and a productive member of society like his family – but, he is dead!

And Mr. Hill lives on – with three squares a day, a bed to sleep in, a TV set, probably a computer where he can do his appeal work, and for sure a law library of a sort to instruct him as he goes, and, oh yes, I must not leave out, clean clothes, showers, soap, toothpaste, free eye exams and glasses if needed, and free health coverage, and on and on and on. And, oh, did I mention that you and I, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, are paying for all of it? How does that make you feel?

Well, whether you agree or not, don’t you think it’s time the taxpayers were relieved of one more liability and Danny Lee Hill is put away once and for all? Don’t you think it’s time for that festering, open wound, as it was described in the editorial, to be closed up so that the community as well as the family of Raymond Fife can finally see justice done? Justice is hardly a word to be used here. There has been no justice in this case. There is no justice in so many cases similar to this that go on and on and on in our court system and one just has to sit back and shake ones head in disbelief and wonder how some lawyers and judges manage to sleep at night.

I think it’s time that Mr. Hill joins other murderers who have died in prison or in jail – in that place that God has set aside for those people who think they can take the life of another person and get away with it. Gee, that even sounds like those abortionists could be included, too! I’m just saying, it isn’t going to happen! Someone higher than any other will have the last word, trust me!

Shirley J. Weir