Intersection is accident-prone


”Crash sends 12 to hospitals” said the headline, and the memories of my father in a hospital bed came rushing back. You see, he was injured in an accident at that very intersection: the intersection of US Route 322 and OH Route 534.

According to the State Highway Patrol officer who investigated my father’s accident, this intersection is ”crash prone.” Others know it to be dangerous, too, including my cousin. He drives for a local water company and frequently has the Ashtabula County route. When he heard where his uncle’s accident took place, he knew what happened and said, ”You have to be nearly in the center of the intersection to see who’s coming at you.”

Whenever someone asks me where my dad’s accident took place and I tell them, the response is ”Oh, yeah, that is a bad spot,” or they’ll tell me of their own experience.

My dad died as a result of the injuries from an accident at the intersection of US Route 322 and OH Route 534. Over the weekend 12 people were taken to five area hospitals. When will USDOT and ODOT fix this ”crash prone” intersection?

Leanne Turner