Housing bubble, handouts too political


I am getting very concerned about the national debt; I have been for some time.

It is obvious that the president has misled this country in the elections.

I’ve seen and warned all my friends for years about the housing bubble. Well, the president and help from the congress has created the biggest bubble of them all. It is too political to fix.

Nobody wants to lose what they get from the federal government. And I am talking a lot. Just like the housing bubble, it was too political to fix.

Anybody that makes sense is demonized and has a hard time getting elected or re-elected.

I am saddened that the president wants to raise the national debt again. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out – that they are bankrupting our country, and now they want to talk more gun control.

And by the way, assault weapons are already against the law. The MSNBC news has people thinking they’re not. Well, that’s a different matter, isn’t it?

Well, we got what we voted for, more of the same – spend and expand the federal government.

Nick S. Boxler

Newton Falls