Democrats going in wrong direction


Years ago a friend traveled to the then communist Yugoslavia to attend the wedding of his niece. Upon return I had many questions for him about life in a communist country. I will give his answers to a few questions. In Yugoslavia one cannot get in their car and go for a drive without first getting a permit from the police stating the destination and hours that one needs to be on the road. My friends family had to secure two permits, one each for the wedding and reception.

The government gives everyone a job and free health care. Food, clothing and housing are subsidized at a nominal cost that is taken from their pay. There are no rich people, just elite upper echelon party officials.

Absolutely no guns are allowed except for police and military. The government’s greatest fear is an armed rebellion. But, on the other hand, just imagine how safe the people are, especially the children.

To sum this up, those Americans who support and vote for the liberal-progressive agenda, the above is a short synopsis of where the liberals are going to take us.

The Democratic Party at one time was the party of Harry Truman and John Kennedy. It was an honorable political party. It is now the party of fools.

Thomas R. Watts