Councilman should act professionally


Blogs? At a recent (Warren) city council meeting, Al Novak says he is impugning the reputations of his fellow council members based on what people are saying on blogs?

Perhaps Mr. Novak should print these blogs and enter them into the record somehow. That is, if the comments of people who do not sign their own names to web comments could be admissible anywhere.

Perhaps when Mr. Novak is out further cheapening the stature of the office of city council by acting as Warren’s cheapest grass cutter, he can knock on doors and try to find out who left anonymous comments on blogs about his fellow council members.

”Late-gift-gate” will go down as a rather sad moment in the history of Warren politics. Sad that something like this is what gets coverage from this paper and multiple television stations. And by the looks of that footage, actually got people out of their homes and into chambers to see what was going on.

All of council needs to calm down and just hope the voters are able to see that some people have no business serving the public in this manner.

Helen Hader