There is a solution to school shootings


The only immediate and effective way to protect our schools and school children from attacks by insane crazed gunmen is with beefed up electronic security and armed guards. While the Obama administration languishes with rhetoric regarding gun control that will have no effect on stopping future school tragedies like the one in Newtown, Conn., an armed guard in every school building would be a huge deterrent and make an immediate impact.

In cases like Newtown, you have to fight violence with violence. There is no other immediate answer. If you don’t believe it, ask the parents of those little victims if they wish an armed guard had been present in the school that terrible day. By the way, who protects the president? Armed guards.

Multiple sources place the number of guns in the United States at more than 300 million. If Obama issues an executive order and tears apart the Second Amendment, it will result in no fewer tragedies involving mass killings. The criminals and crazed maniacs will always have their guns and ammo.

Each school district should be allowed to develop and implement its own enhanced security plans and number of guards. Working with local authorities, organizations and volunteers would be ideal. No one knows a school’s needs better than its own teachers, administration, community and parents. Keep the feds out of it, they’ll only screw it up. The cost of the funding additional electronic security and armed guards is easy. Planned Parenthood performed 1.2 million abortions last year in the United States with taxpayer money. At an average cost of $490 per abortion in the U.S., times 1.2 million amounts to $588 million available for the additional school security. That’s a pretty good start.

Obama likes to spread the wealth and cost shift. Why not in this case, too? Since Obama now mandates that insurance companies and taxpayers fund contraceptives for all, the need for abortions as birth control should be zero, correct? Taxpayer money shouldn’t be paying for abortions anyway. This is an immediate, simple solution for a complex issue.

Rod Zeck

Newton Falls