Taxpayers have no more money


An onion the school board of Niles for actually asking for two new levies in the spring: one mill five year additional for general permanent improvements for buildings and the other is a 4.65 mill levy to generate $1.1 million annually for day-to-day needs.

What did they do with the last money we gave them? Do they not understand this is a retirement community who are now living on fixed incomes? We have no more money to give them, and they are asking for money.

Three new schools are not even finished being built yet. I suggest they ask the parents of the students to pay for this levy, as my income will not increase to pay for these two levies in the future. Also, people seem to forget that when the state of Ohio’s lottery came to be it was supposed to take care of all school districts in Ohio, and we would not be subject to levies.

Richard Lilley