Start new year with healthy mind, body


I would like to extend a happy New Year to all my family and friends in the Trumbull-Mahoning County area.

In addition, I would like all who are reading this letter to join me in a personal pledge of “365 Acts” of kindness this year. It could be a smile to a stranger, a donation to a favorite charity, words of encouragement to a young person or asking an elderly person for a slice of wisdom.

In light of economic and personal challenges we may face, let’s all vow to stay positive and focus on the blessings we have been afforded.

Lastly, true happiness begins with a healthy mind and body, so people need to get out there and move. Powerwalk to a favorite oldies tune, swim with family and friends at the local fitness club, learn a new skill or read a thought-provoking piece of literature to stretch your mind.

May each of you have a happy and prosperous new year full of love and adventure. Peace and love to all.

Karen McClure Franklin

Miami, Fla.