Passing judgment does no good


I was reading about the shooting at the Sunset Lounge and the subsequent death of Cory Blackwell.

At first I felt a rage start within me about a 25-year-old guy who fathered eight children (and another one on the way) and did not have enough judgment, sense or responsibility (along with his girlfriend) to stay out of a place where alcohol flows freely and can cause tempers to flair into a tragedy.

But then I thought who am I to pass judgment? I did not know them; I never met them. Nor do I know anything about them. I only know what I read in the paper.

But I do know my heart goes out to Ashonta and her children and the other children and their mother(s).

My prayer is that my God (through Jesus Christ in my life) will give them peace and bring those responsible for this death to justice.

Larry Branik

San Jose, Cal.