Missing leprechaun causing lots of grief


I am writing this letter on the outside chance that some unsuspecting recipient of a Notre Dame Fighting Irish leprechaun yard ornament will return it to its rightful owner. The aforementioned wood carving was stolen from my parents’ yard on Greenmont in Eastgate during the Christmas holiday.

It was no doubt the prank of some youngsters.

While it has little monetary value, the piece is very valuable in sentiment to my mother. You see, it was a gift from my brother, the Rev. Bill Dailey, CSC, a priest who currently teaches at Notre Dame Law School.

My 71-year-old mother drove around Warren senselessly, tear-ridden, hoping against hope to find it in someone’s yard.

While I can easily find a replacement to purchase, it will not be the same. So, if anyone happens to have seen our stolen leprechaun, please reach out to the Tribune and we will happily rescue him, no questions asked. I am offering a $50 cash reward.

Hopefully, someone will have a heart and make my mother’s day.

Tom Dailey