Important decision on septic issue

Important decision on septic issue


Recently, the Trumbull County Board of Health held a hearing to determine if violations occurred by a local septic installer. I was in attendance.

The installer is small business owner Berry Meadows. Earlier this year, Mr. Meadows submitted complaints to the board of health spelling out corrupt activity at the Trumbull County Health Department. It appears preferential treatment was given to certain TCHD “friends,” including Sheriff Altiere’s son.

When the board failed to respond to the complaints, Meadows and I began an intense social media campaign to raise awareness of the issues surrounding TCHD’s administration. Our site, Trumbull County Septic News, is more than 1,100 members strong on Facebook. Since starting it; however, TCHD launched an all-out assault, costing us and taxpayers a tremendous amount of money.

Earlier this year, TCHD worked with the Sheriff’s department to drum up bogus charges against Meadows that ended up dismissed.

Next, they sought to revoke Meadows’ bond. The bond company rejected the claim, stating floating tanks were a manufacturer’s problem, not an installation issue.

Finally, the board brought Meadows in for an administrative hearing and on Nov. 16, abruptly (and prematurely) shut it down. They wouldn’t allow Meadows to defend himself. They wouldn’t allow him to call any of his witnesses. Additionally, they denied his attorney, David Engler, the right to proffer evidence.

Furthermore, the board wanted the hearing closed to the public and media. Meadows insisted the hearing be open to both. With nothing to hide and everything to tell, an open hearing was all that he would settle for.

All witnesses TCHD brought forward helped to incriminate TCHD’s administration or support the innocence of Meadows. Some did both. It was not surprising the board shut down the hearing only a quarter of the way into it, but the fact that a man’s livelihood is in the balance, and he was not able to defend himself, is troubling to say the very least.

A Nov. 17 article said Dr. Enyeart told the Tribune “the proceeding had turned into a ”dog-and-pony show.” Dr. Enyeart failed to inform you that this was his dog-and-pony show. I believe his real problem was that his “dogs” weren’t trained well enough and they ended up biting him; forcing the board to shut down the show, leaving with their tails between their legs. The halting of this hearing was a desperate act to save the board from further exposure.

The board’s decision on Meadows is expected early next year. The wrong decision will literally steal an innocent man’s livelihood. It will be interesting to see if this board of health continues down this irresponsible and reckless path or if at least three members stand up to the administration and insist that they stop this retaliation against the man who dared to question the actions of Dr. Enyeart and Frank Migliozzi.

One thing is certain, when Meadows is given the opportunity to bring forth all evidence and witnesses, it will be his accuser(s) on trial.

Deanna Meadows