Fix water pressure problem in Girard


Before Girard spends a million dollars on remote read water meters, they should concentrate on providing adequate water service to their customers.

Until July 1999, I had great water pressure and volume, and then it abruptly fell off. I suspect that was when Girard started providing water to Klein Farms development in Liberty Township.

Now Girard provides more water to Liberty and my water pressure and volume has plummeted. My water volume and pressure is so low that I have a non-working toilet for six to eight hours a day.

Try taking a shower, no pressure to penetrate your hair and so little volume of water it takes forever to shower because you can’t get wet enough. I’m tired of living like this.

Over a period of 16 months I’ve attended council meetings to address the problem and made numerous phone calls to the safety service director and the water department, all in the hope of getting this problem fixed.

Apparently no one in the Girard government knows how to fix the problem, won’t spend the money to fix it or just doesn’t care.

Shame on you, Girard, for not being able to provide a basic necessity like adequate water service.

This is 2013 not 1900.

Big onion to Girard government for doing nothing to resolve this water issue.

Carol Shick