Discourse on mental illness needed


If our media and national leaders are sincerely interested in solving our school shooting problem, wouldn’t it make sense to examine the most glaringly significant, common cause: mental illness and its treatment?

Has anyone heard any in-depth discussion about this topic from the media or our national leaders? Restricting Second Amendment rights may have averted some of these massacres, but I doubt it.

A motivated killer could easily come up with a number of alternative methods for carrying out these acts. Remember that the killers in the two worst massacres in our country’s history (9-11 and Oklahoma City) never fired a shot.

When I look at the school shooting problem, I can’t help but see it through a pilot’s eyes. I’m very fortunate to work in an industry with an exemplary safety record, but it wasn’t always that way.

Safety improved through the years by examining each mishap, determining the causal factors and eliminating (or at least minimizing) them one by one, without emotion, bias or political agendas. It’s simply a matter of seeking the truth and fixing the problem.

Where is the truth in these massacres? In the wake of Sandy Hook, the media and politicians have held center stage in our national attention of the event. But politicians care little about the truth. They have only used this tragedy as an opportunity to seek more power, by advancing their party agendas.

The news media should care about the truth, but they seem to have lost their way lately. Maybe bias is to blame, or just the diminishing market demand for hard, fact-based reporting.

We can no longer count on our media or national leaders to ”spoon feed” us the truth.

If we are to solve the problem with these massacres, or any other national problem, then we have to first filter out the emotion, bias and political agendas. Seek the TRUTH.

Jack Hickey