Article bad for downtown business


As former business owners (for 50-plus years) in downtown Warren, we were furious when we picked up the Tribune Chronicle Dec. 23 to read the front-page news about crime in the downtown.

First of all, why would anyone put computers, cameras and laptops in their front window without an alarm system? This article covered a robbery in August 2012.

What better way to call attention to Christmas business downtown 48 hours before Christmas? The very next day – Dec. 24 – on the front page was a photo (in color) of people shopping at the mall.

What’s wrong with this picture? It appears you want downtown businesses to fail. Why not revisit the businesses that are surviving?

We believe a well-deserved Onion goes to the reporter or editor who chose to run this article two days before Christmas.

Gene and Alda Lu Battista

Former owners of Gene’s