A smoke detector saved another life


Last night while I was snug in my bed, snoozing away, a tragedy in the making struck my home. A log sitting next to the wood stove started to smolder.

Thank goodness my smoke detector sounded. It woke me from a sound sleep.

I fumbled my way toward the wood stove through the smoke-filled living room to see plumes of smoke billowing off a log on the stack of wood waiting to be burned. I was able to shove the log into the stove before it burst into flames. It took several hours to air out the house.

If not for the smoke detector, the stack of wood would have caught, sending the nearby furniture and curtains up in flames. A tragedy was averted and it was solely due to a working smoke detector.

So people need to remember to check their detectors and keep the batteries fresh as one day their life and home may also be at risk.

Nancy Brooker