Election plans and anniversary reflections

It’s hard to believe it’s almost general election time again!

It seems like we just got through all the hoopla of the presidential election about 10 minutes ago, but it’s true the Tribune Chronicle is already in the process of seeking information on the Nov. 7 general election.

As an off-year election, this fall’s races are more of the grass-roots local type. Sadly, that often leads to a lower voter turnout than the presidential races do, but these races are critical when it comes to the future of our communities, local spending and, of course, educating our kids.

There are races in virtually every local town. They include things like council races in our municipalities; trustee races in our townships; and board of education races in our school districts.

Of course, there also are issues and liquor options to be explored in many communities.

We sent letters and questionnaires this week to each candidate appearing on the Trumbull County ballots. The questionnaires will be used by reporters covering the races and by the Tribune Chronicle editorial board in the endorsement process in selected races.

If you are a candidate, please take the time to complete the questionnaire and return it, along with a photo and description of your goals. If you are a candidate but did not receive a questionnaire, please contact me by email to get one.

We want to share your ideas with our readers in order to enable them to make educated decisions at the polls. I believe newspaper readers have more interest in current events and are more educated on issues than customers of any other form of media. It behooves you, as a candidate, to get us your information, and it behooves our readers to keep watching for coverage of the races and issues affecting your community.

* * *

Happy anniversary!

It was 40 years ago Monday, on Sept. 11, 1977, that the Tribune Chronicle published its first ever Sunday edition.

A framed copy of that first Sunday Tribune hangs in the lobby of our second-floor newsroom in downtown Warren.

“Good Morning!” was emblazoned in golden 100-point type across the top of The Sunday Tribune that day. The fact that the paper was landing on doorsteps and newsstands in the wee hours was a big deal back then because at that time, longtime readers will recall, we were an afternoon newspaper. It remained that way for the Tribune Chronicle’s other six days a week for about another 20 years.

That particular 35-cent newspaper edition was 200 pages thick, and contained front page reproductions of congratulatory letters sent on behalf of then-President Jimmy Carter from his Press Secretary Joseph L. Powell Jr., and another from former President Gerald R. Ford.

The top news story of the day? Warren Fabricating’s planned $3.5 million expansion on urban renewal land, resulting in the addition of 125 jobs.

The new ability to deliver news to our readers seven days a week was an exciting development back then.

While we, of course, continue to offer readers our print edition seven days a week, we, of course, now offer breaking news and updates on developing stories on a moment’s notice via www.tribtoday.com and links on social media including Tribune Chronicle Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Without a doubt, the newspaper industry has evolved and so has our Sunday edition.

We are pleased, however, to still be able to offer our Sunday edition that has become a reader favorite. I believe that’s because the expanded pages give us an opportunity to offer things like more in-depth enterprise stories, expanded op-ed pages containing reader’s letters, expanded sports and business sections and, of course, advertising inserts that regular readers know to seek out on Sunday mornings.

Thank you for reading us through the years. I look forward to being able to bring it to you for many years to come!