Orchids and Onions

• ORCHID: To Hubbard area Girl Scouts from Service Unit 811, who created a memorial garden at Harding Park. Scouts from Hubbard, Liberty and Brookfield will use the garden to grow vegetables and herbs for the St. Patrick Church food pantry. What a wonderful project!

• ONION: To Anthony P. Vigorito, former Mahoning Valley Sanitary District operations manager who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of forgery, noncompliance with Ohio’s Safe Drinking Water Act and tampering with records, and then forced the public to pay him $15,318 in unpaid back wages from his administrative leave while the case was being adjudicated. Ohio law stipulates employees convicted of misdemeanors are entitled to base pay plus interest from the time they were on unpaid administrative leave. Unbelievable! The law needs to be changed.

• ORCHID: To Teen Straight Talk and all those who have been involved in this program for the past 30 years, delivering messages of the importance of abstinence and making good decisions. What a critical message that our kids today need to hear.

• ORCHID: To the city of Warren for allocating an additional $10,000 to its health district for mowing high grass on vacant lots and abandoned properties that, in some instances, has reached 4 feet. Between six and 12 city employees are being used to cut grass on vacant properties.

• ONION: To all the owners of these abandoned properties who just walk away, expecting someone else to clean up their mess.